Parse token "inline_html" in prosemirror-markdown

With your help, I have already parse markdown table , Strikethrough and so on which CommonMark does not support. I konw it is transelate the markdown according to the tokens that translated by markdown-it.

Now I need to parse - [ ] task work or - [x] task work into a check box task list by a markdown-it plugin, but the plugin parse the check box input into an html_inline token.

I want to konw is there any way to translate html_inline token to prosemirror dom?

Modeling it as a leaf node which contains the HTML in its attribute, and then rendering it as uneditable HTML, seems like a promising approach.

That being said, it seems like a rather bad idea, in the task list parser, to represent perfectly semantical elements (checkboxes) as opaque HTML blobs. Maybe fork the plugin to fix that first?

You mean I should fix the semantical elements (checkboxes) as some special tokens then just need to update the scheme will approach it.

OK! I think it’s a great thinking!