parseSlice + table

When I have 2 HTML tables back to back and get slice using parseSlicer,

let parser = DOMParser.fromSchema(view.state.schema)
let parsedSlice = parser.parseSlice(dom, {preserveWhitespace: true, context:})

if there are n rows in total I get n tables. Each table containing, n, n-1, n-2 rows and so on with the final table having the nth row.

However if the tables are not back to back i.e. has a paragraph in between, I get the correct results.

I am in Prosemirror-Model 1.10 does 1.13.1 fix this? Would help us decide if we need to upgrade immediately or can wait for our planned dates.

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The bug doesn’t sound familiar. But it’d be a 5 minute experiment for you to find this out, so on the whole I’d say trying that would have been a step before posting on the forum. If it does reproduce with the current code, please set up a small script that demonstrates the problem.