Parsing head tag (TEI)

I’m trying to define a Prosemirror schema to deal with a TEI Document edition:

<TEI xmlns="">
                <title>Doc title</title>
                <author>Joh Doe</author>
                <distributor>M. XY</distributor>
        <body type="main">
            <head type="level-1">TEI Editor Test - Title Level 1</head>
                <seg>This text is</seg>
                <seg>and ...</seg>
                <seg>A seg in a paragraph.</seg>

I am not able to parse head tag with that config :

    heading: {
        attrs: {type: {default: "level-1"}},
        content: "inline*",
        group: "block",
        parseDOM: [
            {tag: "head", attrs: {type: "level-1"}}],
        toDOM: function toDOM(node) {
            return ["h" + node.attrs.type.split('-')[1], 0]

The same rule works fine when I replace head with hea for example (both in the xml source and the parseDOM’s tag value). How can I handle it ? Thank you.