Paste paragraph containing br

Hello, Prosemirror community.

I’m working on Copy / Paste feature, and here’s the problem now I ran into. If I try to paste html like this,


It’s rendered like this in Prosemirror,


and this is what I want it to be


In other words, I want to split paragraph from where break(br) tag be when copy paste html.

I used preserveWhitespace option, hard_break schema, but non of them work. Any Idea to solve this problem? Thanks.

Making a <br> node start a new paragraph isn’t something that the DOMParser can currently do—you can of course make it insert any node in its place, for example a hard_break node, as I guess you found out, but there’s no way for a parse rule to force the current parent node to be closed.

That might be a good thing to add to the library, but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to work on that.


Thanks for your quick reply. So there’s no option for parseRule to split or close parent Node…

At the end I added simple logic in transformPastedHTML (DirectEditorProps).

transformPastedHTML: (html: string) => {
  return html.replace(/<br[^>]*>/g, '</p><p>')

This is not a complete solution but can bypass the problem in some case. It would be great parseRule can accept option.

/* Suggestion */

  tag: 'p',
  breakPoint: [
    { tag: 'br' },
  ... // other options

Could you see if this patch works for you?

Sorry for late check. I really appreciate for your work.

But I don’t figure out how to use that option. I set schema like below and try to paste html content, but paragraph is not closed.

const schema = {
  paragraph: {
    content: 'inline*',
    group: 'block',
    parseDOM: [
      { tag: 'p' },
      { tag: 'br', closeParent: true },
... // toDOM, etc
<p>content<br>content<p> -> <p>contentcontent</p>

Is it a wrong place to set closeParent option?

+) I used prosemirror-model@1.10.0

See the test in the patch I linked. You can’t add such a rule to a schema node spec, since it’s not creating any nodes. You have to manually create your DOMParser to include the rule.

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