Pasting URL copied from iOS device issues

When copying and pasting a URL from the iOS share menu, the following issues occur:

  1. The URL is not pasted at all.
  2. The editor element is focused by capturePaste, causing Safari to zoom in.

I suspect that this might be caused by the text/uri-list type produced by the iOS copy action. Therefore, calling getData with the ‘incorrect’ type results in

  1. calling doPaste with empty text
  2. the capturePaste call that focuses the editor
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Indeed, text/uri-list seems to be an Apple-ism that I wasn’t familiar with. How would you expect it to be handled? I guess it usually holds a single URL, in which case pasting it as text seems reasonable. But if there are multiple, should they be treated as separate blocks? Just text separated by spaces? Or does it not really matter?

In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter. When it comes to the Share-Copy operation, it’s always a single URL.

This patch should help here. Not actually tested on an iOS device since I don’t have a working one around at the moment.

It worked flawlessly. Thank you! Do you know when the patch will be included in the next package update?

I’ve tagged version 1.32.2

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Appreciate your help. Thank you once again!