PDF Letter/Document Engine - Freelance

Hey All,

I’m currently building a larger project which needs a module to create/use document templates to generate PDF letters.

I see the flow as the following

  • Compose document template in ProseMirror with limited RichText options
  • Define placeholders e.g {user.firstname}, throughout the document
  • Save state to database/object store
  • Retrieve state, pass properties and string replace placeholders
  • Convert to PDFMake/PDFKit templates
  • Generate PDF object.

I’ve got an existing development team working on the wider system, it’s all React (Front), Typescript (Back), so would be expecting someone to work with them, an just nail this critical part of the system.

Send me your contact details if you’re interested in a chat.

Hey Boosey

Best of luck finding an engineer for this, sounds like a great project

Have you checked out the following resources for PDF generation?

We’ve been using PrinceXML for PDF generation for years, amazing documentation and results, very reliable. We now use DocRaptor as it means we don’t have to worry about backend engineering / scaling this part of our product.

As a project that I have some shares in, I can also recommend the open source Vivliostyle project: https://vivliostyle.org/ . It can do most of professional PDF creation in JavaScript - check for example vivliostyle-print which we use in Fidus Writer to create relatively good looking PDF outputs using the browser’s built in print-to-pdf mechanism: https://github.com/vivliostyle/vivliostyle-print . For more professional features that go beyond the browser’s capabilities, you need to run Vivliostyle on the backend.


I wrote you a message here, you can find me at viktor.vaczi@emergence-engineering.com