Pipeline/reducer props vs short circuit props using view.someProp

Is there any interest in supporting editor props that serve as a series of reducers where the return value of one becomes input to the next? It would be a counterpart to view.someProp since it would not short circuit on the first function that returns truthy.

One use case is transforming the content during paste using functions spread across multiple plugins. Each plugin knows about a particular part of the schema and only applies transformations relative to that part.

Something like this:

let result = view.reducerProp('pipeline', seedValue, arg2, arg3, argN);
// in some plugins...
props: {
  pipeline(accumulator, arg2, arg3, argN) {
    return accumulator + 1;

transformPastedText works like this, for example. The code just does:

view.someProp("transformPastedText", f => { text = f(text) })

Ah, the return value of the function passed to someProp determines whether to short circuit, not the return value of the prop function. Thanks Marijn, nicely done as always.