Pointer-events auto for <li> might disable some nodeViews styles

Hi again,

in my prosemirror-based editor, i can add slides to a wysiwyg flickity slider and it’s awesome thanks to you.

However, the “dots” buttons from this slider cannot be clicked because of prosemirror-view’s prosemirror.css, which i included in the stylesheets because i thought it was fixing contentEditable woes.

.ProseMirror li {
  pointer-events: none; /* Don't do weird stuff with marker clicks */

I suppose it’s there for a good reason… but i don’t understand the comment.

Is this style really needed ? Can it get a more specific selector ?

Of course it’s very easy to workaround that problem in that case, but i figured it would be a good idea to report here.

Browsers will, for some reason, fire mouse events on list item markers (i.e. the bullet or number) on their first child instead, which makes it hard to respond to those appropriately, for example when they are ctrl-clicked to select the list item. This CSS rule was part of a workaround for that, but I guess it can get in the way. This patch modifies it to no longer need that CSS rule (and fixes it in general, since it had bitrotted a bit since I first implemented it).