Pre-turn scrollIntoView inside pasteText()

It just so happens that when you open your sidepage that contains the editor, scrollIntoView() is executed in the area where the sidepage was called.

Judging by the sources and my checks, the matter is in the doPaste() function, in which scrollIntoView() is forcibly inserted.

How can I get rid of scrolling in the area where the sidepage was called?

What is a sidepaste? Why is doPaste called when you open it? And why is do you refer to the fact that the editor scrolls the selection into view when you paste into is a ‘forcibly inserted’?

  1. I didn’t write about “sidepaste”. I’m talking about the SidePage component that appears when clicked on
  2. I’m using tiptapjs and on editor’s onCreate() event I paste text with links via editor.value?.view.pasteText(text) to define the links.
  3. Because I don’t have an option to disable that scroll. Or is there?

Maybe use some other mechanism than paste to insert the text?

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