Preserving Custom attributes

Is there a way to get the editor to not drop custom attributes on elements. I use data-id’s to map back to another document. The problem I have is I have not found in the documentation a way to make the editor not drop (or be aware) of these attributes when it does the transformation.

Is there a way to inform the transformations to keep the attributes?

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AFAIK you’ll have to make custom schema for all block types that need to maintain that. Here’s our div schema that does that:

If you’re doing this with normal editable HTML types you’ll have to consider duplicate ids when you split a paragraph into two, or copy and paste.

(We ended up only tracking ids on non-html block types, though this might change.)

I had a feeling it had to be done that way and started to look at schemas. I already handle duplicate ids with my custom editor that I wrote that I am trying to replace so not a big issue there.