Prevent Ctrl+Shift+B from invoking Ctrl+B behavior?

Is it possible to do this? It seems like ProseMirror isn’t very stringent about modifiers and when a user presses Ctrl+Shift+B to make a blockquote in our editor, if it can’t be done it falls back to making the text bold (Ctrl+B).

Is there some way to prevent this?

I know we can unconditionally return true from our toggleBlockquote command but that doesn’t seem right?

How are you binding these keys?

We’re using TipTap, which uses ProseMirror’s keymap under the hood:

We do like:

addKeyboardShortcuts() {
  return {
    'Mod-Shift-B': ({ editor }) => editor.commands.toggleBlockquote()

And the same in another TipTap Extension for bolding but with Mod-B

Is the recommended approach to this to unconditionally return true? It works but it’s not very idiomatic.

ProseMirror doesn’t have a standard keybinding for ctrl-b. I don’t know how the TipTap stuff works.