Problem: input method not working on an empty line (Safari)


I’d like to report a problem.

A problem is encountered when I open in safari (Version 12.1.1) from latest macOS(10.14.5), and try to input some Chinese into the demo editor using the Pinyin input method provided by macOS.

Here is how it occurs:

  • I make an empty line on the bottom
  • Then I switch to Pinyin input, and try to compose a Chinese character
  • However, when I press enter after composing, the composed character doesn’t appear in the line, and the line remains empty.

Here is a screenshot. Like it in the screenshot, after I pressed enter, the line remained empty.


It happens too when I’m inputting Pinyin on an empty bullet list item.

The problem dosen’t exist on Chrome or Firefox, so I’m not sure whether it is a ProseMirror issue or a Safari issue.

I did some testing with Japanese and Chinese IME on Safari and it was indeed very broken. I pushed some patches—see

I tested it using a local build with the latest prosemirror-view.

The problem is gone. Great work!