ProseMirror and mobile applications


Thanks to Marijn for such a wonderful library. It works great for web applications, but what are the options for organizing work if our project also needs access to the editor from mobile applications with collaborative editing? WebView? Or do we need to raise NodeJS for Android? It would be nice if someone shared their experience

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I would try to set up a proof-of-concept with webviews in your mobile application. For example, try to create an endpoint in your webapp that is only the editor view for a single document e.g. /document-editor-embed?docID=1330 (plus a credential hash, maybe?)

Then, see if you can play with that on your mobile device.

If you are less experienced with mobile things, there are many tools for building low-code/no-code mobile experiences that should accept a web view like FlutterFlow, React Native, or I have had positive experiences in the past with Capacitor (Capacitor - Cross-platform Native Runtime for Web Apps | Capacitor Documentation) - which is a web-focused mobile app container.

Thanks! Yes, we’re thinking about web-view

I’ve been wondering about the theoretical feasibility of a custom view to support iOS and Android natively. I know that would be a monumental effort. I’m just curious about the theoretical feasibility.

I know there’s bidirectional communication so I have to assume this is even harder than it already seems.