ProseMirror as a client for editing Google Docs

I need an interface for live editing GDocs document - that includes reading and writing via Google Docs API or Google Drive API (not sure yet which one will suit better). Most likely I will choose a ProseMirror as a client side editor. I don’t want to duplicate all GDocs functionalities, more like just the functionalities from Insert and Format menus, that’s it.

I came up with two approaches on how to do it if building from scratch:

Do you see any potential problems with what I described?

Which approach would you recommend?

Has anyone seen something similar? I prefer to avoid building it from scratch :wink:

Could work, I think. Definitely going to be a lot of finnicky code involved though. For a start, Google Docs stores things like lists in a flat way, so you’ll need some moderately clever format conversion code to address that.

Thanks marijn! Do you think it’s gonna take a lot of finnicky code if I used one of the avaialable converters? Do you find any of them particularly useful here?

Best, Marek