ProseMirror as a Flutter package?

I’m jumping with both feet into multi-platform development, Flutter and (hopefully) ProseMirror all at the same time, so apologies in advance if this proves to be a naive question:

Has anyone had any success (or profound lack thereof) wrapping ProseMirror to make a Flutter package? Or with otherwise taking advantage of ProseMirror in a Flutter app?

I’ve found so little discussion of the matter that I suspect I’m missing something.

At any rate, I don’t want to tackle this if a) someone has already done it, or b) it’s a terrible idea for some reason I don’t yet appreciate.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

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I’ll bump this just once, then stop :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for opening this ticket, I am also interested in knowing what are the most javascript dev friendly ways of creating a mobile app with prosemirror. Prosemirror relies on DOM and I am not sure if that even exists in flutter apps. I know that react-native replaces DOM with its own abstraction, which means one can use the DOM api in react-native apps that target iOS or android.

I would contribute to any initiative someone starts on this. Very interested.

I’d be interested in even having a view-only dart library to start. Transforms could be greatly restricted since there are a lot of ways to transform a document, splitting and transforms across Nodes etc… Ex: Only allow Node attribute transforms and/or the modification of text in a single Node. The Node attribute transform would actually be the most straightforward since there is no positional changes. Positional based decorations also could come later.

@bland328 @kepta As for me, I have a flutter app now with a bare bones view layer but only by outputting to an HTML string before save on server then sending it to flutter clients where it’s rendered with an HTML viewer. I am also allowing paragraph schema only and manually instantiating a document json object from text and hard breaks, which is actually pretty functional for basic create needs. When that document has anything more than text and hard breaks it becomes view-only on the flutter app - javascript clients only able to edit at that point.

This would be big, and I hope @marijn sees how much more valuable his work could become if there was some implementation that is more negotiable to integrate and also more performant on mobile devices (notable issues still abound on mobile keyboard interfaces when running current JS library) With flutter, I already am compiling android and linux desktop builds from the same code base. Really neat technology; hoping it picks up even more momentum.

Bump, also would like to use ProseMirror with flutter