Prosemirror code with TypeScript

I have read some code as below, and add ts type for them:

Just for learn about Prosemirror.

If authors of Prosemirror rewrite the code, it’s helpful for our develeper.

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I’m not currently looking to rewrite the existing codebase in TypeScript. If, at some point, I do another major update, I probably will switch to TypeScript.



I would be excited about a new version that move away from dom observer into Input Events Level 2

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Maybe, you can update the @types packages with the definition files generated from those packages. I have to admit that current @types are super bad…

Also, I was migrating prosemirror-model into typescript because I want to experiment with the data model, and my first step was the migration, you have save me a ton of work.


I can understand where @marijn is coming from in regards to avoiding the massive translation to another language, but it’s cool to see this because it could help people (who are used to navigating TypeScript) understand how everything in ProseMirror connects together.

Great work.

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Yes PR for the @types packages would be great. There are still some things missing.

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I have commited some udpates to @type, and I will be to see that is it be passed .


Awesome job!