ProseMirror for Slack-like messaging?

We are in the early alpha stages of a new messaging platform that bears a lot of similarity to Slack. We are currently evaluating our options for content editing (right now we’re just using very basic contenteditable) and wanted some feedback on using ProseMirror? We like the fact that it is flexible and supports markdown in the examples, but the biggest concern is performance. Because inline, on-the-fly editing of messages is common along with running on mobile devices, we want to make sure the editor we choose won’t cause any serious performance impact for our users. Any feedback is appreciated, and if you want to see what we’ve built thus far:


I believe prosemirror only renders the DOM that is in the viewport which should help with performance. However I’m not sure if that is the case for individual nodes or just for each individual prosemirror instance.

Would you be having each chat bubble as a node?

That’s not true — ProseMirror renders the entire document.

Hi @marijn,

Thanks for the clarification. I think I was getting confused with Codemirror as I am currently working with both. Would you for-see any issues with the the OP’s use case and performance?