ProseMirror jobs - best way to look for opportunities

I have quite extensive experience with ProseMirror (and others editors too). I can see that there is a quite high demand for related experience, but job offers hardly mention such technologies. I would like to make the most of my experience.

Do you know any another ways for opportunity hunting apart from the forum of relevant editor, where ther’s ususally not so much offers?

Maybe creating a dedicated job board for devs who knows text editors? As we know this is quite complex field and obvioulsy quite common requirement.

Agreed. I’m actually interested in hiring a contractor, but it’s been hard because ProseMirror is complex enough that I’d prefer to hire someone with existing experience with it…

We added a jobs section on the tiptap docs (200,000 page views/month) and I asked many teams if they have jobs I can list there. I have a few ideas to make that a bigger thing, but feedback was … not really existent. Probably because I talk to the CTOs, the engineering managers, the engineers, but not HR peeps.

So great idea, but I struggle to make that a reality. But to both of you (and everyone who reads it): I’m happy to list jobs and candidates there, even if it’s not tiptap related. If you’re up:

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Agreed that it’s hard to find someone who knows ProseMirror concepts out of the gate. We use ProseMirror extensively at, but we’ve primarily found ourselves having to simultaneously train engineers to use ProseMirror and to use it in the way we’re using it.

I can imagine as we grow, it would be very nice to maybe have a jobs thread here on the discussion board here–perhaps monthly…