ProseMirror looks great

Hi Marijn! I’d just like to say that ProseMirror looks great. I was hoping for finding a rich text editor like Reddit’s new FancyPants editor … in which one needs to choose either markdown, or rich text (switching from one to the other = formatting totally lost, as far as I’ve seen).

And then I found ProseMirror, = better than what I was looking for: can switch from rich text to markdown, and back (ok some minor issues, but nothing major). & it also supports collaborative editing, wow :slight_smile:

& it apparently supports CommonMark, which is what I’m using already, + … markdown-it maybe, I read somewhere? which also happens to be what I’m using already. (I currently have a CommonMark plain text editor, and people want rich text support.)

This was all, just wanted to say that this project looks great, and when / if one day my open source & SaaS thing will generate income, ProseMirror is sth I’d like to contribute to the development of.

(I found some alternatives to ProseMirror, some of them also seems great, e.g. Substance / Texture, — and I think ProseMirror suites my use case a little bit better.)

Thanks for the reaction! The parser that converts Markdown to ProseMirror’s internal format is indeed markdown-it based (and can be extended using that library’s extension API).

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