Prosemirror-markdown - Block level marks

Question1: Let’s say that some marks are not allowed for paragraph nodes. For example, paragraph nodes should accept only inline marks as their content.

const mySchema = new Schema({
  nodes: {
    text: {
      group: "inline"
    paragraph: {
      group: "block",
      content: "inline*",
      marks: 'inline',
      toDOM() { return ["p", 0] },
      parseDOM: [{tag: "p"}]
    doc: {content: "block+"}
  marks: {
    strong: {
      group: 'inline',
      toDOM() { return ["strong", 0] }

But when a text node is added, there is no check to test if registered marks are allowed, see

I think node creation process should respect the node/marks specs. Is there a chance this will be changed? Thanks!

Question2: Currently, block level marks are allowed: Discussion: What are marks - #15 by marijn. But when a block node is added the registered marks are not saved for the current parsed node, see: prosemirror-markdown/from_markdown.js at master · ProseMirror/prosemirror-markdown · GitHub
Why registered marks are reset before adding the current block node? By doing so, the block level marks will be ignored. Is there a chance this will be changed? Thanks!

It assumes that the markdown parser only creates marks at places where they are valid. Are you customizing the parser, or did you run into a situation where the regular markdown parser creates nodes for marks in the wrong place?

Block-level marks are allowed on the raw node API level, but most of the convenience code for marks (commands, the markdown parser) assumes marks are inline-only.