Prosemirror-Markdown + Tables?


I’m just getting started with Prosemirror Markdown (it’s awesome!) using the prosemirror-example-setup package, and I was wondering if/how it’s possible to add tables via the menu bar that can be serialized into markdown table syntax? Can the prosemirror-tables package be used with prosemirror-markdown?

Thank you

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This is probably not all that easy and might involve some pull requests to the tables package to allow turning off of features like column and row spans that, at a glance, it looks like markdown tables don’t support. You’ll also need to write the markdown serializer and deserializer for the table nodes. But in principle it should be possible.

Thank you, @marjin !

Is there a guide/examples on writing your own markdown serializer and deserializer instead of using the defaultMarkdownSerializer / defaultMarkdownParser from the prosemirror-markdown package?

The readme for the module has docs on this. You can see how the built-in serializer and deserializer is defined in the src/to_markdown.js and src/from_markdown.js files.

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Great - I’ll take a look at those. Thanks again!

@sudo Did you have any progress? I am starting to make a table serializer.

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The default markdown-it table plugin produces a format which is hard to map with prosemirror-table. We created to solve this problem.


@jiewuza , not yet, so that’s exciting news

@rifat , looks cool, thanks - will def give that a try

Does anyone have a working example or sample repo with prosemirror-markdown and table working?