Prosemirror-search: decorations deleted after calling replaceCommand

I’m embedding the prosemirror-search code into my editor.

I noticed that the decorations of another plugin of mine get deleted by the replaceCommand, when they fall in the replaced text.

I suspect this is inevitable, because the matching text is first deleted and then the replacing text is inserted, even when the two are almost the same.

Prosemirror-search is good at saving leaf nodes in the (regexp-)replaced text, but the decorations that were created as a consequence of those leaf nodes are deleted.

The general solution would be detecting the presence of those leaf nodes in the replaced ranges in the oldState of apply() in my Plugin, and then rebuild their decorations when they are still there in the replaced portions in newState.

Would it make sense adding a tr.setMeta(REPLACED_TEXT, {from, to}) to the replaceCommand as a shortcut to notify all other plugins that a text replacement by prosemirror-search happened in the range fromto?

Every time I have to check for some changes in the document in state.apply() or appendTransaction() I’m afraid of dampening the performance and so the responsiveness of the editor. That’s the reason behind the question about a shortcut.

This patch changes the way replacements work so that text preserved with an $-placeholder isn’t actually replaced at all. I think that might help with your issue without any further complexity on your side.

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I embedded the patch in my code and it works very well!

Thank you, @marijn !!