Prosemirror server library (Prosemeteor)

ejfrancis, ellery44, and myself have been working on a server-side library for Prosemirror that hopefully will make it even easier to get up and running with fully collaborative Prosemirror.

We’re codenaming it ProseMeteor since it uses Meteor and it’s ecosystem to add or augment some of the functionality.

We’ve love anything from comments to collaborators.

@marijn, I’d love to get any thoughts you’ve had on modules beyond the collab module and/or what requirements we’d need to meet in order for you to consider it a sufficiently complete collab demo. Also, if you don’t like us using that name we can certainly change it.

The name is definitely not a problem. As for whether I consider it a sufficiently complete demo – I’m not sure why that’d be relevant. If you’re distributing useful software, that’s great, and you don’t need my blessing to do that.

Right now the Prosemirror lib repo has a non-collaborative demo while the website repo has a fairly basic collaborative demo example.

I would pitch that a complex and reasonably complete server-side example would be really helpful to A) catch edges cases B) shape the boundary of ProseMirror itself and C) reduce recurring question volume.

If there’s room to collaborate on such a thing, then I don’t want to pre-emptively close that door because we didn’t get your input or invite you to collaborate. Or maybe you want to stay away from creating or endorsing anything resembling a complex example which would be completely understandable too.

I am stretched pretty thin already, and am aiming to push things out to the community. So again, it is 100% great if you’re building a more powerful collaborative setup, but I do not have time to get involved in it (apart from addressing bugs you find in the core library, of course).

Right, wasting your time or focus is definitely not the goal, in fact just the opposite. If a complex implementation can not be made directly useful to you and/or is not in your roadmap already then you can pretty much ignore.

Anyone else that may find it useful… we’re definitely in the request for comment and collaborators stage.