ProseMirror Server Requirements

I can see how with JavaScript ProseMirror can make magic happen on the client to support a very rich text editor. However one thing I am unclear about is the Server requirements. I assume once the user is finished editing his/her page on the client that they will press submit, or save, or similar, and that the results of their page editing are then sent to the server which needs to save that data as a HTML page with related images etc on disk for other users to then view. That would require server side logic right ? What server architectures do you support ? ASP.Net (Winforms/Razor/MVC) ? PHP ? ……? (I am using ASP.Net Razor/MVC) Does that Server Side code come with the download ?

We’re not supplying server-side code, that’s something you’ll have to take care of yourself.

yeah, that is fine - but are there specifications or guidance as to what code or APIs I need to provide on the server ?

Nope. To do image uploads, you’ll have to set up your own upload service, and to save documents, you’ll need some kind of server-side code to do that, much like you would for a textarea. But the code in ProseMirror’s distribution doesn’t directly talk to a server, so how you implement this is entirely up to you.