Prosemirror-slash-menu & prosemirror-slash-menu-react: Slash menu for ProseMirror

Hey everyone,

We implemented a lot of slash menus in various projects and we wanted to create a package that distills our knowledge and could be used out-of-the-box while providing enough flexibility. You can try it out at:

The UI is a different library, we only have a React version right now, Svelte / native is coming soon:

We’re planning for more flexibility in the menu, any feedback is welcome!


Thanks for sharing!! is this MIT? would love to implement this in our app :slight_smile:

thanks in advance!!

Oh damn, it is MIT, just added the license, I always forget that.

Haha no worries! Thanks again for sharing it!!

What would be the strategy you’d do for testing this kind of elements?

Hard questions. The last project that used a slash menu was only E2E with screenshots ( playwright ), it worked very well for them. We’re planning to test both the UI and the plugin library soon, the plugin could be tested with jest, the UI probably will need React Testing Library or something similar.

We might switch to Svlete and the react lib will be a thing wrapper around the svelte UI, we haven’t decided on that ( yet ).

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