Prosemirror-tables: "before" versus "in front of" cell

In the documentation for CellSelection, it sounds like there might be a distinction being made as to where the resolved positions point to in the constructor arguments, and where they point to in the $anchorCell and $headCell properties of the object (“before” in the former versus “in front of” in the latter). I can’t find anywhere that specifies that “before” and “in front of” might mean the same thing or whether there’s a difference. Is there a reason for this specific wording?

  • new ``CellSelection``($anchorCell: ResolvedPos, $headCell: ?ResolvedPos = $anchorCell)
    A table selection is identified by its anchor and head cells. The positions given to this constructor should point before two cells in the same table. They may be the same, to select a single cell.

  • $anchorCell``: ResolvedPos
    A resolved position pointing in front of the anchor cell (the one that doesn’t move when extending the selection).

No, these mean the same thing here.