ProseMirror Template for the content

I am new to ProseMirror and just have a working editor in Angular 6. I am developing an editor for teachers to author question papers. I want to provide a template or form field such as MCQ for user to restrict themselves write content based on the template provided in the content area. I dont know how to implement or what functions of ProseMirror will be useful. I am just thinking of a placeholder or default content which are NONEDITABLE in the content editor (yellow coloured in the following image) to guide users and editable parts to insert text or image (white coloured):

Anyway to implement the above in prosemirror? Thanks in advance

This looks a lot like a form, so maybe separate ProseMirror instances per field are appropriate? You could also define a block node in your schema that renders some kind of label next to an editable textblock, and build up the document out of such blocks, but from what you’re showing, I’d say a bunch of small editors, possibly with a schema allowing only inline content, might be more straightforward to implement.

Wow many thanks for a reply from Horse’s mouth. Congrats for a wonderful editor. I will have to use many editors and one for each form field. My issue is the page full of tool bars and fields making crowded. Thought of an approach similar to blot or parchment as in QuillJS. Or will look for a solution with single toolbar with multiple editors as in TextAngular js editor…