Putting many white spaces at end of a line, with marks bug?

When there is text which has mark and it is with many white spaces (just hold the space-bar button) the text overflows instead of going to next line like when typing other characters.

Is there any workaround for this?

Weird. Both Having a mark doesn’t even seem to be necessary to trigger this. Chrome and Firefox do this, apparently due to the white-space: pre-wrap css rule. I guess the line-breaking logic doesn’t consider the middle of a stretch of whitespace a valid break point (which in uneditable content makes sense, but is just silly when there’s a cursor). I haven’t found a way to turn this off with any of the wrapping-related css properties.

It appears white-space: break-spaces; fixes this problem. Do you think there might be any side effects of using it?

Oh, wow, I didn’t know about break-spaces. Looks like it’s Chrome/Firefox only for now, but that’s at least better than nothing. I’ve added it in this patch.