Question regarding sinkListItem, liftListItem commands

I’m trying to adopt the sinkListItem and liftListItem commands defined in “prosemirror-schema-list”. But I don’t understand the doc. both take an input of a node type, I don’t know which node type I should provide. for example, if the content of a list_item can be a paragraph, should the paragraph be the node type?

I tried, but it doesn’t seem to work.

const command = sinkListItem(textSchema.nodes.paragraph);
command(window.editorView.state, window.editorView.dispatch, window.editorView);
import { sinkListItem, liftListItem } from "prosemirror-schema-list"

addListNodes(hacky_list, "paragraph (ordered_list | bullet_list)*", "block");

This takes the list item node type.