Recreating steps

Hey, last summer I was contracted to create an open source module to try to recreate steps to get from one doc and another doc node. I noticed the repo was moved to a publicly available URL with an Apache license just now [1].

In addition to recreating steps, there is some functionality in there to merge transforms. Conflicting steps can either be automerged or it can try to create two new transforms out of those. Personally, I would not try to automerge. If we add this to Fidus Writer some day, all the changes from such a transform will probably just be marked as tracked changes so that the user has the option of reverting them.

The usecase I have in mind for this is two users who go offline and continue writing a document. I am very much interested in feedback and contributions.



Thank you for sharing this @johanneswilm!

I’m a little confused about the licensing. There’s an Apache 2.0 license in the LICENSE file, but the license field in the package.json file is “???”, and it appears not to be publicly available on npm. I’m working on similar problems, but don’t want to clone or fork this repo without being sure that I have the consent of the maintainers. Would you be able to clarify?

This has been fixed. It says Apache 2.0 both places now.

Good point! It will be be made available via npmjs shortly.

Thank you again @johanneswilm! Clarification on the license and having it published to the registry makes me a lot more confident that I can use this. Great work btw!

For other visitors who are curious, the module has been published here: