Release 0.1.1

I have just pushed ProseMirror 0.1.1 to npm. This is the first release, and the first time the library comes with any kind of API stability guarantees.

The guarantees are that if I make a breaking change, I’ll update the minor version and document the change in the release notes for that version. So this does not mean the end of breaking changes, but it does mean the end of randomly having your code stop working every time you update.

I am working towards a 1.0.0, which I will tag after the API has shown itself to work, and after the code has been used enough to iron out the more noticeable bugs.

What is in this release compared to the original crowd-funding beta? (full docs)

  • User-definable and extendable document schemas

  • Node selections

  • A command abstraction which ties together key bindings, menu items, and other things that need to talk about user actions

  • A much cleaned up approach to menus (bar and tooltip)

  • Many, many bugfixes and API improvements (over 400 new commits)

Enjoy, and report all the bugs you find.

Best, Marijn

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Great news and thanks for the hard work.

You mention you’ll be working towards 1.0.0. Other than vetting the API and fixing existing bugs what do you see as the other major milestones and/or feature additions between here and 1.0?

I don’t think I’m going to wait for any new feature work before 1.0, since that could end up putting it way into the future. I’ll just keep putting out new major versions whenever new feature require breaking changes.

Congrats on the release! :grinning:

As for the road toward 1.0 – should we expect more intermediate releases, or will it be straight from 0.1.1 to 1.0? Asking because we are currently building on 0.1.1, but I already see we will need to change some things. For example those places where we rely on the flushed event. So I wonder if we should increase to a more current git commit, or whether we should just wait until there is another minor release.

I just pushed out 0.2.0. Whether you want to use a specific git commit or an npm version is up to you.


This is perfect. I’ll still follow the git commits on a daily basis, but only update to versions if possible. We are now four people working on our source code so updating on a daily basis will likely just cause chaos. Updating to versions every few days is OK, I think.