Release 0.10.0

I just tagged 0.10.0. It’s another in-between release to make it possible for people to keep using the editor until I land the bigger changes I’m working on in a usable release.

(Note that we’re currently in a somewhat messy state where the releases have diverged from master, in which I already made some sweeping changes that I don’t want to bother people with until I release all of the new work. I’m working hard to get stuff organized again, but life keeps getting in the way.)

This happened:

Bug fixes

Fixed several issues in the handling of clicks on and near leaf nodes.

Fix bug where liftTarget would produce false positives.

Improve support for using ProseMirror in a shadow DOM.

New features

The ProseMirror.on.domPaste event can now be used to entirely override the handling of paste events.

The new ProseMirror.root property returns the document or shadow DOM root that the editor is part of.

New method PosMap.forEach to easily iterate over the changed ranges in a position map.

Marked ranges now support an elementBefore option to insert a DOM node before the range.