Release 0.3.0

Just in.

Breaking changes

The way menu items for menu modules are configured now works differently, expecting types from the menu module. The way commands declare themselves to be part of a menu group is also different—the information previously stored in the menuGroup and display properties now goes, in a somewhat different format, in the menu property.

The command parameter prompting functionality was changed. The paramHandler option has been replaced by a commandParamPrompt option. The prompting functionality now lives in the prompt module, and should be easier to extend.

The styling and animation of menus and tooltips was changed to be simpler and easier to maintain. Fancy UI looks are now considered out of scope for this module, and something that should be implemented in third-party modules.

Bug fixes

Selection on mobile should work much better now (though probably still far from perfect).

Pressing enter on a mobile device will no longer corrupt the display.

New features

New menu building blocks in the menu module allow more control and flexibility when defining menus.

ProseMirror.history is now documented and received a new isAtVersion method to check whether an editor is ‘clean’ relative to a given version.