Release 0.5.0

I just tagged 0.5.0. It’s not a very spectacular version, mostly small fixes and improvements, and should be entirely backwards-compatible.

(The next version will be a different story – I’m close to landing a rather huge change in the way document positions work. More on that later.)

Bug fixes

ProseMirror now ignores most evens when not focused, so you can have focusable fields inside the editor.

The Markdown serializer is now a lot more clever about serializing mixed inline styles.

Event handlers unregistering themselves is now safe (used to skip next event handler).

New features

The default command parameter prompt UI now shows the command label and a submit button.

When joining an empty textblock with a non-empty one, the resulting block now gets the type of the non-empty one.

Node types can now handle double clicks with a handleDoubleClick method.

Undo and redo now restore the selection that was current when the history event was created.

The collab module now fires a "collabTransform" event when receiving changes.

The "filterTransform" event can now be used to cancel transforms.

Node kinds can now specify both their super- and sub-kinds.

I’ve followed up with a single-patch 0.5.1 update, which fixes a bug that broke any content rendered with an explicit contenteditable=false attribute.

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