Release 0.9.0

Due to a detour I ended up taking, and which isn’t finished yet (the work isn’t in this release) 0.9.0 doesn’t have all of the changes that were planned for it. It’s more of an in-between release to give you access to bugfixes until I get the ‘modular release’ into a shape I’m happy with. I would have called it 0.8.4, but tables are a new feature, and I’m trying to at least pretend I’m following semver.

Release notes

Bug fixes

Pasting a single leaf node (a node that doesn’t allow content) works again.

Parsing Markdown text with code blocks (indented or fenced) works again.

Fixes a bug where clicking a selectable leaf node would create a selection before that node.

Fix the way requestAnimationFrame is called to please Internet Explorer.

New features

Mouse-related event handlers (click, clickOn, doubleClick, doubleClickOn, contextMenu) are now passed the original DOM event.

Adds a new module schema-tables, that exports node types and commands for tables, along with a way to easily add them to your schema.


Two ugly bugs made it into 0.9.0, so I’ve just released 0.9.1 with fixes.

Bug fixes

Fix DOM node leak in the creation of menu SVG icons.

Fix regression where clickOn and doubleClickOn handlers weren’t called on clicked leaf nodes.

Fix crash in DOM parser when parsing a DOM change.

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