Render a virtual section instead of put in the dom

How I can render section vritauly in the editor without put them in the prose mirror state, let me explain:

I want to create this:

some content here some content that needs to be fulled expanded like long images or something bigger in this section

but I don’t want to put that in the state of the editor I want to do that just in the render action to display the content, because if I put the section in the dom every change in the section before or after makes a complete delete and insert of all the next Childs instead only change the content that was placed to that section, section are virtually and are based on the content that are together if there is content that needs full section then render inside of that section | div to display fully.

I hope I explain good.

you probably want to use a node view for that.

umm, nope, nodeview is also rendering in the dom or in the document at some point, and the collaborative editor is going to fire the changes and makes like deletions and insertions each time you change a block type, for instance:

contennt content

if you change the attribute of the section detects like all the block was changed and removed and then added again, I want to eliminate that behavior.

Virtual rendering is not something this library supports, sorry.

When I said virtual is that the nodes does not pass through the editor state just in the rendered view but not in the state elements , is not that possible ?