Replacing editorView.dom.addEventListener with handleDOMEvents in a ProseMirror Plugin

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a ProseMirror-based document editor and have implemented a feature to track selection changes using a custom plugin. In my current implementation, I’ve used editorView.dom.addEventListener to listen for mousedown and mouseup events. Here’s a snippet of my code:

const selectionPlugin = new Plugin({
  view(editorView) {
    let selectionChanged = false;
    const { onSelectionRange } = reactPropsKey.getState(editorView.state);
    editorView.dom.addEventListener("mousedown", () => {

    editorView.dom.addEventListener("mouseup", () => {
      if (selectionChanged) {
        handleSelectionChange(editorView, onSelectionRange);
        selectionChanged = false;

    return {
      update(view, prevState) {
        if (
          !prevState ||
          !prevState.doc.eq(view.state.doc) ||
        ) {
          selectionChanged = true;

function handleSelectionChange(view, onSelectionRange) {
  let state = view.state;

  if (state.selection.empty) {
    console.log("The selection is empty.");
  } else {
    const { ranges } = state.selection;
    const from = Math.min( => range.$from.pos));
    const to = Math.max( => range.$to.pos));

    const start = view.domAtPos(from);
    const end = view.domAtPos(to);
    const range = document.createRange();
    range.setStart(start.node, start.offset);
    range.setEnd(end.node, end.offset);


I am considering replacing this approach with ProseMirror’s built-in handleDOMEvents within the plugin system. I believe this could lead to a more integrated and possibly efficient solution. However, I am unsure how to properly implement mousedown and mouseup handling using handleDOMEvents.

Could anyone provide guidance or examples on how to effectively use handleDOMEvents for this purpose? Specifically, I am looking to understand how to transition from using editorView.dom.addEventListener to handleDOMEvents for detecting selection changes in a ProseMirror plugin.

Thank you in advance for your insights and assistance!

You should be able to add the following key to the object you pass into the Plugin on create. See here for what pros are available: ProseMirror Reference manual

props: {
      handleDOMEvents: {
        mouseover(view, event) {
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