Restricting Drag-and-Drop of Blocks to Their Respective Sections

I’ve successfully implemented a drag-and-drop feature using data-drag-handle , but I’m facing an issue. I want to restrict the dragging and dropping of blocks to within their respective sections. In other words, I want to prevent blocks from being dragged from one section to another.

Blocks and Sections are custom nodes.

This is my editor:

Here’s the current setup:

  • I have an editor with multiple custom sections.
  • Each custom section contains custom Tiptap blocks.

I want to achieve the following behavior:

  • Custom blocks in Section 1 should only be draggable within Section 1.
  • Custom blocks in Section 2 should only be draggable within Section 2.
  • Custom blocks should not be allowed to move between sections.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!