Saving content onchange


We need to implement saving on change, but saving the whole document state seems expensive, even with debounce.

We tried to save changes in each “high level node”, and store them separately adding an attribure like “sortOrder” to restore the full state on first load. But is seems difficult in some cases. And also we save diffrent versions, so that we can apply diff in future.

May be you have ideas how to do this better? Save Steps instead of nodes?


Saving steps (possibly compressing them with merge), along with occasional snapshots is what many people are doing, and seems to work well.

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Hi @marijn and @EMamichev, hope you are doing great! We are also facing some performance challenges on content save and were curious if you are able to share any of the code examples of the suggested and used by many solution mentioned above (using merge along with snapshots)? Thank you very much for your time!