Second ProseMirror summit in New York, Tuesday 17th of November

Hi all. I will find myself in New York next week, and the people of the New York Times have offered to host another ProseMirror summit.

We will meet November 17th, 19:15 in The New York Times building at 40th and 8th Avenue. We have a cap on the number of attendees, which we probably won’t reach, but if you want to attend, send me an email to RSVP (and I’ll get back to you with details on how to find us).

I’ll do a brief presentation on my recent work on keyboard actions (enter, backspace, etc) and node-based selection. After that we’ll continue with random discussion. Topics that I’d love to talk about are the kind of documents (schemas) people would want to use ProseMirror for, approaches to implementing and working with tables, and how to manage API documentation.

I hope we’ll get a modest group together. Reply to this thread if you have further suggestions or feedback (or, ideally, if you want to present something ProseMirror-related).

Not sure if you are aware of this: The New York Times were the ones who originally created the “track changes” plugin for contenteditable, that since has been ported to several of the main editors.

I helped port that to Chrome, and while some of the forks have continued to develop, the original one hasn’t been updated for a while and doesn’t work with current browsers (according to my tests a while back).

I assume that the NY Times will want to have a feature somewhat similar to what they had there, if they are going to be using ProseMirror.

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