Selection does not skip fw when last node has contenteditable=false

I have:

const marks = {
	link: {
		attrs: {
			href: {},
			title: { default: null },
			contenteditable: {default: false },
			target: { default: "_blank" }
		inclusive: false,
		parseDOM: [{
			tag: "a[href]",
			getAttrs(dom) {
				return { href: dom.getAttribute("href"), title: dom.getAttribute("title") }
		toDOM(node) {
			return ["a", node.attrs] }

I then do:

attrs.title={ href: '', title: 'hello' }
let schema=view.state.schema
let node=schema.text(text, [])
view.dispatch(, false))

so that the created link is the last thing in the editor

I can place the cursor before or after the link fine

But - if I put the cursor before and press the fw arrow nothing happened (expected it to move to after the link, in this case the end of the document).

If the link is not the last thing (ie some text after it) then fw/bw works fine.


There seems to be more than one issues with this

A simpler example is the horizontal rule which also has contenteditable=false

here are some problems I noticed:

go to select all and delete

insert horizontal rule now press home and/or end problem - the cursor blinks but it’s not clear if it’s before or after the rule pressing home or end keeps the cursor in the same position

now press x problem - the rule is deleted even though it was not selected

again select and delete all type x insert horizontal rule type ctrl+home (cursor at doc beginning before the x) press arrow fw three times problem - the cursor moves to after the x (expected it after the ruler, this is what I reported above with my link)

type ctrl+home (cursor at doc beginning before the x) type ctrl+end problem - cursor blinks after the rule but them moves to after the x

also another example of this issue is the codemirror example

if you go to the end of the sample and then backspace all the characters before the codemirror editor until you enter the codemirror nodeview, you now cannot add text after it, that is there is no way to reach that location by pressing fw, page down, ctrl+end etc