Selection registers in Tr but cursor does not move

I am succesfully able to create a selection with this small snippet:

  const pos = $anchor.after(1)   tr.setSelection(example.TextSelection.between(resolvedPos(pos),resolvedPos(pos + 2))

It works and I know this because when I run the code under a debugger the ResolvedPosition is what I need it to be.

The problem is the cursor on the DOM does not move to the selection. One piece of information that may be important is that the content is wrapped in this grid list structure:

<example><div class="v-card v-sheet theme--light" contenteditable="false"><div class="row" contenteditable="false"><div class="col"><h1 contenteditable="true"><span style="color: green;"><br></span></h1></div><div class="col"><h1 contenteditable="true"><span style="color: red;"><br></span></h1></div></div><div class="row" contenteditable="false"><div class="col"><h1 contenteditable="true"><span style="color: blue;">Test</span></h1></div></div></div></example>

This structure uses contenteditable = false and contenteditable = true and i’m not sure about what effects it may have on ProseMirror. For reference, scrool to the h1, this is where the content is inserted

With the current information there a number of variables which are unknown and it will be very hard to give you advice on what could be going wrong in here.

If you want to be helped, you should try posting a working example which demonstrates the part you are stuck and make sure the example that only contains relevant Prosemirror code and not external libraries or abstractions. I have seen folks use websites like codepen, glitch to share a working demo.