Serving prosemirror collab with express.js


I’ve been considering trying to make a node.js app that serves ProseMirror and allows users to save documents edited in it down to a git repository. For integrating all these things, I was considering using express.js, but I ran into a few problems.

First off, loading ProseMirror with var pm = require('prosemirror'); yields me errors – not sure what starting point I should be looking at. [Edit: Oh, I was being dumb. Nevermind!]

Secondly, it appears the server side code has a lot of assumptions about the server environment it’s going to be living in. Any hints as to where I should be focusing to simply farm off the ProseMirror-relevant callbacks to ProseMirror’s current facilities from within express.js?


What server side code are we talking about? There’s no actual server-side code in the ProseMirror distribution (though some of the modules in there can be loaded outside of the browser).