Shift-enter in mobile phones

Hello! I use shift-enter in prosemirror in desktop browsers to add hard breaks and it works fine. But the same key combination seems to be ignored on iOS/safari and also Android/firefox, though all keyboard events are the same, and shift modifier comes as intended in an arbitrary textarea/editor. How to fix this? Thank you in advance!

On Android virtual keyboards, ‘holding shift’ doesn’t really seem to be a thing, and I wasn’t able to produce any key event with shiftKey true. What kind of test are you doing with an ordinary textarea?

We used this form and it displays all events and keypresses ok:

But then we tried to reproduce it with contenteditable element, and had limited success - the shift modifier is there, but it worked as a trigger:

The first form shows that it is physically possible to track the shift key. May it be of some help?

It just doesn’t seem like users will expect to be able to press shift-enter on virtual keyboards. At least the ones I am familiar with, the shift key just acts as a toggle to turn the next typed letter uppercase, and is not a modifier that can be combined with arbitrary keys. As such, I’m not sure it makes sense to support such a thing, as it’s not a thing that the platform provides, even if we can somehow detect the act of tapping shift and then enter.