Shift-Meta-Z will Undo on mac instead of Redo

I am unsure if this is known, or how it could have been missed, but typing Cmd+Shift+Z will run the Undo function instead of the Redo on a mac. Thus you cannot do a redo. I’ve tested it on the main editor on the homepage of I swear it used to work. This is happening on Chrome and Firefox, so I assume everywhere else.

Did we break the keymap handling recently to treat a Cmd+Shift+Z as a Cmd+Z?

Is this the same issue as #703? Could you check which version of w3c-keyname you are running?

Verified the new version of w3c-keyname fixes it. I saw this was broken in my code (which doesn’t have the latest) and incorrectly assumed the website would have the latest and that if it was broken there I could log a bug. My apologies! Thank you for fixing my issue before I reported it. :wink: