Slack channel for more unformal discussion a la Slate?

Hi, I recently came across this very intriguing project after spending some time fiddling with Slate.

I had been trying to implement my rich text-editor in Slate since it seemed the most simple way to do it (and I’m really familiar with React). Sadly though I faced some quite tricky issues and while they are perhaps fixable, I really felt what I was trying wasn’t really supported by Slate (mainly customizing text-elements heavily) so I decided to give Prosemirror a go.

I think the lower-level API Prosemirror offers might just be what I need. The problem though is, that I have a lot of silly questions that I feel do not deserve threads of their own in this forum. For example, some of the code I copy-pasted from prosemirror source code failed TypeScript’s type checks (something something about undefined/null values) and I wondered what’s up with that. Also I’m not sure what’s the simplest way of adding word-level decorations, why hitting enter doesn’t create a new node properly and so on - a lot of silly questions.

What I think is really good about Slate, is its own Slack channel where I feel there’s some sense of community and direct interaction that I find really helpful. Perhaps at times some of the “lore” spilled in the channel should be made directly searchable by eg Google as threads like here, but I guess reiterating same things with a slightly different twist are like little pop-quizzes, hence making people learn much better and widening the guru-pool of the community. (Perhaps there could a way of exporting worthy threads from Slack to here?)

Anyway, I’d really prefer a Slack channel for this fantastic project. There’s a lot to take in with a difficult domain like this and I wouldn’t want to spam this place with really mundane questions (that might get answered with a long delay).

Have you seen the gitter channel? I’m not really a fan of chat channels though, and there’s not a very active crowd in there, so generally asking here will give you a quicker/more robust answer (with the added advantage that the conversation will be searchable for future people with the same issue).

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In general I’ve found Gitter to have quite poor engagement. Oh well. The conversations are searchable in Slack too to 10 000 posts per free-tier workspace. I still think that it would be a nice addition to lower the bar for asking questions. By just making it feel more unformal. But I’ll see when I have time to work on my project to know what to ask. Thanks anyway.