Splitting the Heading/Title and replacing type of the second slice with Paragraph

Hey guys, I am trying to build the logic where I can have only 1 Title component within the editor at all times. My schema looks like “title block+” which enforces the first block to always be Title and it works like a charm.

What I am struggling with is - when I press Enter in the middle of the Title string, the editor would split the node into 2 Title nodes, one after another. My ideal behaviour would be: when the user presses Enter - instead of having 2 Titles, they would have Title + Paragraph.

I’ve tried using appendTransaction to detect the “replace step” and to change the second node into a paragraph? But now I am not sure… What would be the right way to handle this scenario?


Removing group: 'block' from your title node should do the trick.

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amazing! thanks!