Starter Kit Available

Hello. I created a webpack based starter kit. It is available at:

It took me awhile for the concepts of ProseMirror to click (I still have a lot of work to do to get more things to click with me :grinning:), especially in regards to adding functionality. This starter kit is basically the basic example but breaks out the pieces of the ProseMirror-example-setup package.

The README goes through the steps required to add functionality (I added strikethrough just to keep things simple). It adds the entry in the schema, the keyboard shortcut to support it and adds a new button to the menu.

I am hoping it may help some of you out.


Thank you SO MUCH. I was literally just writing a post to ask whether such a starter exists and the forum software pointed me to this post. The example at left me none the wiser!

Another big thanks. This would have been very helpful for me a while back and likely still is. Unfortunately Prosemirror is not easy to get started with, which is understandable and projects like yours will definitely be helpful to the community.

My only comment so far is that I’m a fan of parcel.js vs webpack which I’ve also struggled with. Parcel is so much easier to use IMO.