Support for Checklist/Task List in ProseMirror?

I am a developer who is currently using ProseMirror in my project, and I have been closely following the latest updates of your project. I am working on an application that requires the ability to add Checklist/Task List functionality to a rich text editor. In my application, users need to be able to create and manage task lists, as well as check off completed tasks.

While I have noticed ProseMirror offers rich extensibility and customization options, I couldn’t find specific information about support for Checklist/Task List in the documentation. Therefore, I would like to ask: Does ProseMirror support adding Checklist/Task List functionality to the editor?

If it does, I would greatly appreciate learning how to implement this feature and would welcome any guidance or example code you can provide. If the current version of ProseMirror does not support this feature yet, I would like to know if there are any plans to add it in future updates.

Thank you for your contributions to the open-source community and your ongoing efforts. I look forward to your response!

This is not a feature of the core library, and will never be, but is definitely something that could be implemented in 3rd-party code.

You won’t get a personalized walk-through for that here though—you’ll have to read the docs and learn the API. If you have specific questions that you run into, feel free to ask them here.