Table demo?

Any chance of adding a demo of how ProseMirror supports tables?

If not demo, maybe a bit of docs?

P.S. At the moment the project feels like an Orion rocket dripping hydrogen fuel on the starting table, in the sense that no freaking way a layman would be able to put any of it to use, and although the technicians look extra cool, they’re too busy and speak opaque internal lingo.

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(Much) more docs and demos are planned, as well as a more streamlined basic setup, but I won’t get to those until after I bring out version 1.0.

That being said, this demo script does set up an editor with a table. It involves mixing the table module into the schema, and enabling the example-setup plugins.

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Sorry, trying to run it, feel clueless :slight_smile:

How do you run it?

Given its name, I assume it runs somewhere on the demo site already?

P.S. Just looking for any demo that runs with tables, to validate a use case.

No, that’s not one of the demos on the website. If you clone and npm install that repository, you can run npm run demo to start the demo server on port 8080.

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Hi, any chance to revive this question?

Currently doing git clone + npm install + npm run demo creates a broken server instance. It serves index.html and few other files, but fails fetching something important (apparently something with moduleserve).

Here’s the list of files that did succeed to load according to DevTools, in chronological order:

Here’s the list of HTTP 404 fails in chronological order:

Using node v6.9.1 x64 (Windows 7)

moduleserve (as mentioned above, installed with npm install) v0.8.3

As mentioned in the readme, you have to install using yarn, not npm.

I’m having trouble with running a table demo as well. Where are the instructions you mention? A good example would be nice. I’ve been working on tables for a week and while I’m making some progress it doesn’t seem to get easier.

Tables aren’t included in the dev setup demo anymore since prosemirror-schema-tables was deprecated. You could clone, install it, and run npm run build_demo to run that repository’s demo.

Any reason in particular why this was deprecated?

It required extra features in the core, and was too limited to express things like colspan/rowspan which almost everybody needed. So look at prosemirror-tables instead, and see if that works for you.

I would love prosemirror to create a table of action items. So I had a look at, would that be the right approach?

However I couldn’t get it to run. I have installed yarn and did a run build_demo. It tells me that it creates a demo_bundle.js and stops.

How would I get it to run?

Open the index.html file in that repository in your browser.

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I have created a quick sandbox link for anyone who wants to test the prosemirror table function


Thanks for putting the demo together! This is exactly what I needed to see